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~*Claim An Actor!*~

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All Members , Moderated
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Claim An Actor*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
To claim an actor, you MUST be a member of this community. If you don't want your F-list clogged up, simply un-check the box that adds the community to your F-list. If you make a claim and then disappear, your claim will be deleted.
This community allows each member to claim *one* actor or actress. No more than one per user, please!
This is pointless fun, and is not intended to break any copywright laws.
No flaming or fights are allowed. You will be banned if you flame or disrespect anyone for their choice of actor.
Please go through the list below to find out if your choice has already been claimed.

This community idea was shamelessly gakked from: claim_a_singer



slow_mo_panda claims Michelle Rodriguez
tobyfan claims Lee Tergesen
athenadiva claims Joaquin Phoenix
mayhem613 claims Orlando Bloom
nodoubtish claims Leonardo DiCaprio
divisionvixen claims Ehtan Embry
drworm claims Jeremy Irons
isabel79 claims Guy Pearce
the_anomaly claims Christopher Walken
iwant2believe claims Collin Farrell
kwisty claims Russell Crowe
yackiejax122 claims Matthew Lillard
_amour claims Jena Malone
wetbeeph claims Jake Gyllenhaal
christmasnazi claims Katherine Hiegl
silverangel840 claims Paul Walker
wingless_fairie claims Sandra Bullock
xxxemostarsxxx claims Aston Kutcher
killerslilprag claims Christopher Meloni
causette claims Michael Rosenbaum
fullblownchaos claims Norman Reedus
little_dude claims Keira Knightley
sparkyboy claims Benjamin McKenzie
neiseluv claims Angelina Jolie
captainz claims James Woods
apocaplipstik claims Jake Epstien
luthien_tinuvl claims Viggo Mortensen
hobbit_girl claims Dominic Monaghan
ilove24 claims David Cross
bacardi_girl claims Vin Diesel
tantrafinchlips claims Eddie Kaye Thomas
ibelongtoyou claims Tom Cruise
dancingsneetch claims Liam Neeson
ralfnfiennes claims Ralph Fiennes
loves3tulsaboyz claims Oliver Phelps
deadawake claims Scott Mechlowicz
natural_hero claims Tom Welling
theinnergeek claims Tom Cavanaugh
asmonet claims David Bowie
xtatteredwingsx claims Eric Bana
blueboxfever claims Alan Alda
mary_jane89 claims Rupert Grint
blackhotpink claims Daniel Radcliffe
jailover claims Jai Rodriguez
mika_grint claims Emma Watson
sway4829 claims Thomas Jane
myoddworld claims Sebastian Roche
orange_moon claims Scott Foley
swashbuckler64 claims Geoffrey Rush
broadwaymusich2 claims Jason Bateman
sieren870 claims Randy Harrison
firefox27 claims Wentworth Miller
missem08 claims Patrick Wilson
martinha_15 claims Michelle Pfeiffer

-----Updated Aug. 21, 2006